Process Art: Painting with Flowers

My husband picked up a beautiful flower bouquet from Costco for our Thanksgiving centerpiece. Costco has amazing fresh flowers if you don't know that already! They last a really long time. We put up Christmas decorations two days after Thanksgiving, so I was ready to toss them long before they went bad. It was a perfect opportunity for Everett to try out painting with cut flowers. The arrangement had a great variety and most had sturdy enough stems.

It took a lot of effort on my part to not give instructions here. Everett knows what to do with paint and a canvas, of course, but he was not sure what my intention was with the flowers. He finally picked one up, hesitated, looked at me for confirmation that it was okay to use my flowers (I smiled), and then dunked it in the paint. 
I try not to limit Everett during art experiences when it comes to mess. We almost always do messy play outside for this reason. This table was built to be a mud kitchen, but it's currently serving as the outdoors art table on our patio. Our only really rule is no paint/drawing/whatever on the house. The fence, patio, playset, etc. can all be pressure washed. (The house can too, of course, but we had trouble getting sidewalk chalk off and had to repaint. Maybe because it's hardy plank? I'm not sure.) This table has a back so that catches any splatter that would otherwise get on the house. We also strip down to a diaper, weather permitting, or wear play clothes. (Remember play clothes? When you could scrape up the knees or stain your shirt and mom didn't freak out... LOL.) Art is a sensory experience! Embrace it!

The downside of this activity was that, apparently, tempera paint does not stick to canvas. It cracked and flakes off when it dries. I'm terribly upset over this because it turned out lovely and I really wanted to hang it in the house. The upside is that I was able to rinse the flaked paint off and now he can reuse this canvas (with acrylic paint).

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