Playful Learning Teacher's Lounge

Y'all I'm SO EXCITED to tell you that Playful Learning is opening their Teacher's Lounge next week! I found this IG account (it's actually a little learning studio in NY) earlier this year and was so excited to learn that their gorgeous materials would be available for online purchase. I mean, look how gorgeous these pictures from their IG are!
Obsessed, of course. And majorly wishing that they would open a Houston branch because we would be there non-stop.

The founder, Mariah Bruehl, not only runs this learning studio and online resource center but is also an author. AND a mom. Total #momgoals. Her first book is available on Amazon, and her second book will be released next year.

Do you follow Naturally Curious Children? She's part of the Playful Learning team so no surprise that the materials are nature-rich.

I'm going to go on for a while, but if you want to go ahead and check out the Teacher's Lounge just follow this link and use the early bird code EARLY25 for 25% off.

I was able to get early access so I could show y'all the materials this week while they are running an early bird special. A membership is $23/month, but the early bird discount is 25% off for a year (about $17/month I think).

Everett and I did activities from the insect curriculum this morning. He worked super hard cutting the insect strips, and then we sorted the pieces by insects and not-insects.
This was his first cut on the lines (instead of wherever you want) activity, so he went a little nuts. I recommend printing several copies of that one for your scissor happy toddler, lol. We also pulled out some TOOBS and sorted those.

Keep an eye on my IG stories for more details about this awesome resource!

One more time.
Sign up here.
Use this code: EARLY25

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