DIY Garden Puddling Station for Pollinators

I've been researching ways to attract more bees and butterflies to my garden, and I keep coming across these puddling stations. It's essentially a very shallow bird bath for pollinators. At first I was like, "since when do bees drink water?" But apparently it's a real thing and completely adorable. Watch this and read this.

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You really only need a shallow dish. That's literally it. They need to be low to the grow, and very shallow so the pollinators don't drown. I picked out a pretty pot to use as a low stand for mine, but that's not necessary at all. I just liked how it looked and it fit better in my space when it was raised up six inches.
I chose a terracotta pot tray as my shallow dish. I sealed it with white spray paint. The puddling stations work best if there are little "islands" for the pollinators to sit on while they drink. I've seen sand, rocks, sponges, etc. I chose glass pebbles from the craft store. Probably totally unnecessary because of it's location in the garden, but I added a little pot of bee balm. I saw this (with cilantro, I think) on one on Pinterest and thought it looked cute.
This project was seriously so easy. I didn't glue them together or anything. The only work was painting the terracotta, which I only did for aesthetics.
This is pretty low maintenance. It's extremely shallow so the water is gone by the next morning when it's hot. I gently tip it if I need to drain it, and then I spray a little water in. Easy peasy. You do want to keep the water clean and fresh for them. 

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