Gardening, November 2016

I love November in Houston. The temperature starts to drop and the weather is actually enjoyable.
The massive okra plant (bush, really) provided shade for the eggplant, which actually started fruiting again. The okra had started a new batch of stems, and the original stems were super tall. I decided to cut it back and let the new stems take off since they were the only ones producing.

My cauliflower, broccoli, and kale are doing great, although they haven't started to produce yet.
The caterpillars eat so.much.milkweed. After they wipe the leaves out, I move them out to the garden and plant them. It seems to be working better for me than providing cuttings. Less work. We have been going to the nursery like every week to buy new milkweed. Hopefully, these will all regrow and be ready for spring.
Everett and I are enjoying the butterflies so much. We released our first three on November 9th and seven total for the month of November. We actually managed to catch the first one eclosing. It was crazy to see. If you search #sugarmonarchs on IG you can see the videos and all of the butterfly/caterpillar pictures I share.

If you'd like to read more about our garden, just click this image.
We still have three chrysalises left, but they didn't pupate normally and I'm not sure how the butterflies will turn out.

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