Gardening, October 2016

This was a really big month for us because we started a totally different type of gardening - butterfly gardening! We also finally installed our second (much smaller) bed which is now serving as the butterfly garden.
Same process as the first one. I pulled the grass out with the Weasel, put down a layer of sand, then organic dirt. I also mixed peat moss and compost into this dirt.
I was planning to put sweet potatoes in the blue garden, but I decided to make a small butterfly garden instead. I planted milkweed and dianthus to get us started.
Let's have a moment of silence for these chairs. They were donated by someone who probably thought they would eventually rehab them and gave up. They were purchased by my friend who thought she would eventually rehab them and then gave up. Then they were given to me. I have had them in store for like two years, but I AM NOT GIVING UP. LOL. My plan is to line them with chicken wire and moss and use them as succulent planters. Eventually. ;) 
We got butterflies! Well, caterpillars. But eventually they will be butterflies. It's a long story that I will save for another post, but we are going to try our hand at raising Monarch butterflies. They are important pollinators and their numbers are drastically decreasing every year (thanks a lot Monsanto). A lady from a local Monarch group was nice enough to prepare that tray of caterpillars for me and Everett. She sorted them by size and gave us a little of everything, even eggs and an empty chrysalis. It has been really fun watching them!
We just love these little lizards. They are always in our yard. I found out that they were actually on our milkweed because they eat Monarch eggs and caterpillars. Not cool lizard, not cool.

If you'd like to read more about our garden, just click this image.
I had to move all of the kale, broccoli, and cauliflower. I had pretty much just thrown it all into the ground so it wouldn't die and didn't look into how much space they would need. Now they should all have enough space to grow properly. Some wilted at first when I moved them, but they all survived.
We're still getting LOTS of okra! I'm the only one eating it so I'm not sure I'll do it again next year, but it is very tasty and easy to prepare. I've got two organic sweet potatoes (from the store) rooting. I'm hoping to use them to start sweet potato vines.

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