Gardening, July & August 2016

July left our garden pretty scarce. The tomato plants burnt right up, although they are still flowering at the top. Our eggplants started turning brown and all of the leaves withered. The only things that seem to be doing okay are the basil and okra, both of which are really healthy looking.

all okra
We also tried our hand at bokashi composting. Big mistake. We will try again with regular composting.
Did you catch the post about our trip to Waco? We, of course, went to Magnolia, and I LOVED this herb planter they had set up. It looks pretty easy to DIY.
We have decided that summers are not for gardening. We set it all up in spring, and then there's nothing left to do in the summer but water it. 

We pulled out the tomatoes. They were too fried and no longer producing. Even the basil is starting to look a little crispy.
If you'd like to read more about our garden, just click this image.
We planted fire bushes under the blue room (playroom) window in hopes of attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. We have a perfect view when we're playing.
Our okra is still doing great. The banana pepper and eggplant are still in there, but they are just bare stems at this point. I'm just keeping them in there out of curiosity. I also have basil, mint, and green onions. 

The blue bed remains empty, and our berries are still in pots. We moved them to the corner where they get more shade, and they seem to be doing better. 

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