Gardening, June 2016

It's summer, y'all! It's blazing hot here in Houston, and all this sunshine is making our garden grow, grow, grow. We've got lots of tomatoes, and our eggplant has produced three pretty purple beauties. 

Our squash started off great, but something happened to the vine. It looks like it either started to rot or ants got to it or both. It looked fine, but when I lifted the vine I could see the bottom of the vine was severely damaged. After a while, I cut it at the damaged area, but it never really recovered so I pulled the whole thing out. This was disappointing. Squash is known for being resilient and taking over your garden.

And ants. Oh boy. Ants everywhere. This is the downside to organic gardening.
Everett and I have established a produce picking system. We walk through the garden first thing in the morning and I point to the stuff that needs picking.

He is SO excited every morning to go out there with his bowl. I need to find him a cute little basket.

At first, we were waiting until our tomatoes ripened, but I learned that you should pick while they are still a little green to keep the birds from getting at them. We just put them in a bowl or on a paper towel on a windowsill. 

If you'd like to read more about our garden, just click this image.

My tomatoes were really thriving all month, but it's getting really hot and I'm noticing the plants are looking a little crispy. July and August are wicked hot here, so I'm not sure what will happen. I actually don't know when tomato season even ends! LOL #beginnergardenerprobs

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