Gardening, May 2016

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May was definitely a big month for our garden! Those itty bitty baby buds we noticed in April turned into hefty vegetables FAST. 
L to R: sweet banana pepper 05/02, Clemson okra 05/02,
roma tomatoes 05/05, eggplant 05/07, yellow summer squash 05/07
I love that the vegetables start as flowers. Not to get too philosophical or silly, but it makes me think of motherhood. Women can be seen as just these delicate things that are nice to look at, but don't underestimate us. Look what we can do! Look at the glorious fruit we can bear! I can almost hear my frail banana pepper plant exclaiming, "Look what I made by my very own self! I grew and sustained life!"
yellow summer squash, roma tomatoes, Everett watering tomatoes
all 05/11
Clearly my tomatoes are not hurting for water, lol. Everett is doing a fantastic job keeping those roots wet.

We got worms! This was so fun. Earth worms are great for your garden. They aerate the soil AND fertilize it. Plus, the kid loved it. We ordered them from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm. Bryan found this place, and apparently it's the go-to for worms for gardening and composting.
Super Night Crawler worms from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm
Our strawberries just aren't doing well. I don't know what the problem is... They are getting plenty of sun and water. We bought these plants when we went to a strawberry farm. Very disappointing.
strawberries 05/07, 05/16
The garden is so LUSH right now. I love walking out here. It makes me so happy. We still haven't finished the smaller bed. Everett loves coming out here and picking stuff. We're working on asking Mom if it's okay first, lol. Eventually, when he can tell if it's ripe or not, I won't want him to ask. Right now I just want him to see what ripe looks like!
green onions, roma tomatoes, okra, yellow squash, eggplant, cherry tomatoes
all 05/18
05/27, 05/30, 05/31
We've been working so hard on our yard, and I'm really proud of how it's all coming together. Everett is still into the birds, so we put together a bird hangout and mounted it to the fence. The small/blue bed is still empty, but is in place and has been dug out.
The tomatoes came from my FIL and were not labeled, so I actually have no idea which plant is which. I know there should be some roma, beef steak, cherry, and chocolate cherry. Not sure what else. I'm just waiting until they fruit and then judging from the way they look.
tomatoes, all 5/30
L to R: beef steak, cherry, roma 
My goal for June is to get our blue bed set up. I'm not sure yet what we're going to plant in it. I think we may move the berries into it from their pots.
L to R: okra 05/27, blueberry 05/30, yellow summer squash 05/26,
Everett picking green tomatoes 05/27
We've had such a fun month in our garden. I can't wait to see what June brings. These tomatoes will be bright red, and we should have lots of yellow squash and okra. I'm not sure how long the eggplant will take to fully ripen.

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