We Started a Garden!

Hooray! We finally started a garden. I have wanted one for forever. I grew herbs in little pots on my patio when we were in an apartment, but it just wasn't the same.
Okay, first of all, SO MUCH WORK. We have that centipede grass that has runners and spreads. I had to actually pull the sod up before I put dirt in the raised bed. Otherwise, the grass would probably find it's way up through the dirt to the sunshine. To quote one of my favorite movies, "life, uh... finds a way." LOL. I did this with a shovel and my back is screaming at me now.

Only the purple bed is done. I have to dig out the space for the blue one still. It's going next to the purple one with a walk way between them.
I've planted tomatoes from my FIL, okra, eggplant, green onions that we grew kitchen cuttings, and yellow summer squash.

We also have a blueberry bush, thornless blackberry bush, and a few strawberry plants we purchased at a strawberry picking farm.
If you'd like to read more about our garden, just click this image.
I have NO CLUE what to do with all the dirt/sod/clay that I pulled up. We just put it in the wheelbarrow and moved it to the side of the house that we never use.

Right now everything is organic. Our dirt, our fertilizer, the plants. Fingers crossed that we can keep this up. This fence lines up to a street, and we often get mosquito spray trucks in our neighborhood so nothing over here is ever REALLY going to be organic. But we're doing the best we can with what we've got.

Are you starting a garden this spring? If it seems overwhelming, just start with a container garden on your patio. One pot at a time.

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