Easter Basket 2016

I love Easter! I had a thing for bunnies when I was a kid, so that probably has something to do with it. Spring is so lovely and I this holiday has always seemed to be the kickoff to the new season. I had a great time getting Everett's basket ready last year. We had this basket made and hope to use it for years to come.
My husband's family hides Easter baskets, but my family always had them displayed all together in the living room. I set Everett's up outside for picture (lighting) purposes, but after seeing pictures of what other family do I think we'll keep it like this each year. I think next year I might make a bunny trail of Easter eggs leading from the house out to the basket in the backyard. That way it's sort of hidden, but sort of not.
I saw a lot of mom shaming going on on mom chat groups yesterday and this morning. Apparently some people "over did it" and other people found that offensive or inappropriate or whatever. Whatever. It's been three full months since Christmas. If your kid is under 2 then they have most likely already outgrown a lot of the stuff they got for Christmas.
My parents sent this great farm book, farm magnets, and some Schleich farm animals.
He has a thing for cows. There are cows in his bedtime book and it turned into an obsession. 
Everything except the stuffed bunny (from the grocery store) and the chicks placemat (from Kohls) is shown below. I got the Crayola sidewalk paint at Kroger (grocery store) for $3.99 a bottle, and of course it's way cheaper on Amazon. #shouldhavecheckedAmazonfirst

We ended up not putting any snacks or treats in there because they just wouldn't fit! These are some snacks I recommend that aren't junk food.

What was in your little one's Easter basket this year?


  1. Such cute stuff! That's too bad that other moms feel the need to judge each other. I tend to be of a "less is more" mentality, but that doesn't mean my way is right or better and vice versa! Just do what you want to do for your own family and everyone chill. :)

  2. Sidewalk paint is such a good idea for spring! Love the change up from loads of candy

  3. This is adorable! I love the basket, did you make it?? My family never did Easter presents but now that I have a daughter I plan too!

  4. My parent's always used to hide our baskets as well! Strange how some families pick up these traditions. This is a wonderful Easter Basket. I bet your little man was pleased! My daughter was 13 months on Easter and actually had a blast hunting for eggs around the house! Next year should be really fun!

  5. What great ideas for do it your self Easter baskets! I love the cows and how affordable every item is.


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