Everett's Birth Announcement

Everett is here! For four whole weeks I have been a mommy. Wow. Every day I look at him and see something new, and it makes me deliriously happy and absolutely devastated all at the same time. Babies grow too fast.   
Please don't pin or share pictures of my sweet baby! Thank you for understanding. :)
I have big plans of mailing out beautiful birth announcements I put together on Minted, but seeing as how I JUST ordered our Christmas cards I'm thinking that's not going to happen for a while (or at all). If you've never been on Minted definitely check them out. They are obviously going to be pricier than Walmart or Walgreens, but not much and it's definitely worth it.

Since I'm being realistic and accepting the fact that I simply do not have time to address and mail birth announcements at least until my Christmas cards are out of the way, I'm using my second favorite site which is Paperless Post. This is where I go when I want to just email something. I'm a serious fan of snail mail (although NOT a fan of the USPS lately) so I don't use this site a lot, but I'm guessing I'll be using it more and more now that I have no time. This site is great for casual party evites! (By the way, if you too are a fan of snail mail check out my Pinterest board dedicated to the written word. Great penmanship just makes me weak in the knees.)

Time to go snuggle my little one!!

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