Christmas Shopping Guide: Gifts for Young Toddlers (1-3yrs)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hey y'all! This is the first of my Christmas/holiday shopping guides. My young toddler just turned two, so we've had Christmas AND a birthday to deal with in our house.

This list is battery, plug-in, flashing light, and screen time free, with the exception of a few books that make noise.

I don't know about you, but my toddler will sit solo and look at books for hours. We keep a small basket of (3-5) books in our living room, our work/play room, and the nook by the laundry room. I moved the book storage to a hall closet a couple months ago and now that hallway is also a reading corner. He loves to open the closet door and just pull out one book after another. Reading has been my favorite pastime since I was a kid, and I'm so thrilled to see Everett following that path. I hope it brings him much joy.
10. Baby Animals
12. Busy Books 

All of the book suggestions are fantasy-free series books, and there are a ton of options when it comes to book themes. They are also all board books. The pictures are lovely and mostly very realistic. We love using these books for matching with our animal models and diecast vehicles.

Any other parents obsessed with blocks? I want an entire room for just building toys. Everett is still into the build it so he can immediately knock it down stage, but he'll build Lego masterpieces before I know it.
Mega Bloks are still the favorites around here. He got a bunch last Christmas. Technically he was not at all ready for building with them at one year old, but we found that if you gave him two blocks he would put them together over and over and over. It was GREAT for car rides. His set came with two little cars that come apart into three pieces, and he worked on those when the two-block bit got boring. 

The closer we got to Everett's second birthday, the more we noticed him playing pretend. It is the.cutest.thing.ever!
4. Vacuum
5. Food
6. Tools

Our kitchen and cookware are from Ikea, but I included another brand since not everyone lives in close proximity to HEAVEN. ;) It would be hard to narrow down to a favorite on this list, but his baby doll and his vacuum would be a close tie for first. The vacuum has, quite literally, been worn to death. We ended up putting it in the attic for future siblings and upgrading him to an actual (lightweight) vacuum. He may as well clean the floors while he plays! 

The dolls I suggested are anatomically correct. This really freaked out a friend of mine at a play date when our babies were on the shelf naked. Personally, I believe knowledge is power and there is a lot of data suggesting that kids who can name their "private parts" are less likely to be victims of abuse. We wouldn't give them dolls with blanks where the fingers are supposed to be, so why can't they play with dolls that have a penis or vulva? Food for thought while you do your Christmas shopping.

When we were hosting tot school at our home, we stocked up on small musical instruments. Everett plays with them every single day. He loves to turn on his CD player and have a jam session with Mom.
3. Ukulele
6. Bongo
11. Wooden Rhythm Set

I left off silk scarves since they technically aren't instruments, but they are such a fun part of our music supplies. The kiddos really get into dancing around with them.

We are crazy for art supplies in this house. You can never have too much. We usually break out the art supplies at least twice a day, and that doesn't count all the time Everett spends in the backyard with his chalk. Hours upon hours are spent doodling in his clubhouse.
6. Art Smock 

If your child hasn't started coloring yet, definitely start them out with a "fat" alternative to regular crayons. The regular ones will just snap in their fingers. We love these Left Right crayons because they have an easy grip. Crayola Eggs are another great choice.

Did you do puzzles as a child? I was OBSESSED. My husband says he was never into them. So far Everett has really enjoyed them, and I've been impressed with how quickly he moves to the next "level" of puzzles. Right now we're working on 2-3 piece jigsaws and puzzles that don't have the image behind them (like #6, one of his current favorites).

Puzzles are so important in the early years. Your tot is working on hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, shape recognition, problem-solving, and patience. I also really like the teachable moment that comes when the puzzle is finished - clean up! Everett is expected to put all of the pieces back into a little basket, set the basket on the puzzle, and return them to the shelf.

I don't know what it is about wheels, but my child is nuts for them. We have every ride on toy imaginable. (Thankfully, most were purchased at garage sales for under $5!) Everett can't quite reach pedals yet, even with pedal extenders, but that doesn't keep him from riding around on pedaled toys. He got a Big Wheel for his birthday that he zooms around our dining table even though he's a good 3 inches from the pedals. Where there's a will, there's a way.
2. Radio Flyer Mini Wagon (for toys)
8. Mower

Girl moms, don't let anyone convince you that these are boy toys. Half of Everett's boy friends have no interest in wheels, and half of his girl friends do. It just depends on the kid. Don't let your daughters miss out! 

We used the Pewi as Everett's "push" toy when he was learning to walk, and then it was used as a ride on. Now we've upgraded to the Twista balance bike which has front wheel steering and rides more like a bike.

I have an ACTIVE little boy. He wants to be moving, moving, moving. We are constantly adding to our gross motor toys to keep up with him. My advice is to think outside the box when it comes to where you use these. The bounce house I listed is one my friend uses in her media room. (We have a larger version of that brand and we can only use it outside.) We keep our trampoline inside for rainy days, and friends of ours keep their little slide inside, too.
9. Slide

If you can spring for the backyard playset, I strongly recommend it. We got one from Tree Frog Playsets when Everett turned one, and it was the best investment. Seriously. He plays on that thing every single day. It's my backyard babysitter! If not, the monkey bars tower and the Pikler triangle are much less expensive options. The Pikler triangle can even be used indoors and is great for small homes!


We have every single item on this "miscellaneous favorites" portion, and they get a LOT of use. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays y'all!

Musings on Motherhood: Make Our Children Great

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Okay America. Trump won. It's done. 

I don't know about you, but I have had enough negativity and hate for one year. While the Trump administration gets busy making America great again (still unclear on exactly what that means), I say we focus on simply making America great. I say we, parents, accept that this burden is on our shoulders. 

For the last few weeks, I have been in a constant state of worry for my child. I'm worried for my son, and I'm worried for the daughters that I may have one day. I don't care about financial policies. We'll be fine, or we won't, and either way we'll go on. I worry about the example being set. The hateful words that seems to flow so freely. If you're one of the people who says it's okay because at least he says what he's really thinking, then this post isn't for you. But if you're someone who voted for him because of other things while accepting that what he says is not okay, then you may find comfort here.

Here's the thing: I don't have to let the President-elect influence my child. I can turn off my TV. I can guard him, and it's my job to do so.  
Okay, deep breath. Read this list out loud to yourself.

It is MY job to teach my child kindness, gentleness, and respect for others.
It is MY job to teach my child compassion.
It is MY job to teach my child that his/her body belongs to him/him.
It is MY job to teach my child to respect other peoples' bodies and privacy.
It is MY job to teach my child human equality, and show him/her how to look beyond differences.
It is MY job to model acceptable behavior and word choices.
It is MY job to display love, respect, and equality in my home.
It is MY job to surround my child with family and friends who display these admirable qualities, and my job to make the tough decisions about who is not worthy of influencing my child.

Now don't you feel better? 

Let's go a little further, because my heart is feeling quite broken for my community this morning. You see, I live in a suburb of Houston. A community that is filled with Muslims and Latinos, affluent families and struggling single moms, and non-traditional families. 

It is MY job to make others feel welcome in my community.
It is MY job to smile at the mother sitting by herself because she is wearing a hijab at the playground. It's my job to sit next to her, and start a conversation.
It is MY job continue to have relationships with good people whose beliefs are beyond my comprehension. I might learn something from them.
It is MY job to have compassion for the families who are distraught this morning, wondering if one or more of their family members will be deported. (Even if you believe they SHOULD be deported, please have compassion for what it means to be separated from loved ones.)
It is MY job to learn and evolve because I accept that while I am open minded there are things that are out of my comfort zone. I have a duty to my child to learn about these things and learn to love these things for the beauty of their differences.

And on one last note - a positive note - I want to congratulate all of the mamas who voted yesterday. There was a female candidate on our ballot for a major party.  Even if you hate her, I hope that means something to you. I hope it moved you. I hope you feel the power behind the fact that you had the option.

Tot School: Look for the Helping People

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wow, what a crazy month it has been!! I remember when the Boston Marathon bombing happened there was a Fred Rogers quote that went around the internet. I wasn't a mother yet, we weren't even trying to get pregnant yet, but I remembered it and thought what a great tool it would be when I had a little one to guide through tragedies. 
Now I am a mother, and the world is no less crazy. Scary things are still happening. My friends in the LGBTQ and black communities are hurting. My child is still too little to understand what's going on. He may not even be aware that something is going on, although he understands a lot these days so I try not to underestimate him. I'm not yet ready to talk to him about these scary things, so instead I'm taking one from Mama Rogers and teaching him to "look for the helpers" in this world.

Tot School: Building Language Through Object to Picture Matching

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

When I first started planning for tot school I intended to teach the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc. right away. There are a million activities on Pinterest showing toddlers memorizing these things. Our coop's montessori class has been really great, and I've learned a lot about the Montessori method through my friend. Montessorians focus on building language at this stage, and letter learning comes after they turn 3.

We love Schleich animals and Toobs for matching. You get more animals for less money with the Toobs, but the Schleich animals are more realistic and bigger.

Ready to Moo for Your Lunch? Cow Appreciation Day Is Coming!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

We're a month away from Cow Appreciation Day which, if you don't know already, means a free meal at Chick-Fil-A if you dress like a cow! Everett and I dressed up last year along with some of our friends from our play group. This year our group is participating again, and we're also getting together to make our costumes. I love Chick-Fil-A, mainly because it's one of the only fast food restaurants that has food I feel comfortable giving my child. (Heyyyy grilled nuggets, I'm looking at you!)
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