Mouse in Motion :: Custom Itinerary for Your Disney Trip (GIVEAWAY)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Y'ALL! I am so excited to tell you about Mouse in Motion, a company I am partnering with to help plan our family's first trip to Walt Disney World. These concierge coordinators are Disney enthusiasts and former cast members are SUPER knowledgeable about planning Disney trips.

Mouse in Motion is an affiliate partner, but I reached out to them y'all because I am so pumped about working with them. I know one of the coordinators, Sarah, personally and professionally. When I heard that her and her husband were part of this, I had to get in on the fun. They are crazy over Disney and I knew they would steer me in the right direction. You can read more about the coordinators here.
Okay, so what do they do?

Your custom itinerary will take you beyond the mouse by including first hand knowledge of the parks by our coordinators; expert Disney advice and tips to make the most of your time, complete personalization based of your party's needs, and the utmost detail to ensure the most magical vacation possible. 

Basically, they take people like my husband and I who have been to Disney one time and remember nothing about it and they tame the crazy. I can't imagine what it would be like to walk in the gates of Disney and be like, "okay, what do we do?" The first time we took Everett to the zoo was like that. We just started at the beginning and wandered around. He was tired, hungry, and just OVER IT before we had even made it to the Primates (best exhibits, in my humble opinion.) I don't want to do that at Disney.  I don't want to wander around from thing to thing trying to figure out if he meets the height requirement or figure out where to eat lunch. I like a PLAN. (Go figure.)
Are you interested yet?? Of course you are! If you are just so excited that you can't wait for the giveaway (or maybe your trip is next week!) then you can use this coupon code for 20% OFF your itinerary: PIXIEDUST

First, show this awesome company some love by following their social media accounts. They post giveaways and promo codes a lot, so you definitely want their updates. TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK

Alrighty, it's GIVEAWAY time!!!! 
I love giveaways. I enter all the time on other mommy blogs I follow. I probably get a freebie in the mail at least once a week because I enter so many. (Hello naptime hobby! lol)

Head over to my Instagram account and follow the directions. (Just click the image below to go to the right place.) 
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Is your family planning a trip to Disney? How old are your kids going to be? We've been debating when to take our little guy. Read about here.

Planning a Disney Family Vacation with a Young Toddler

Friday, May 20, 2016

Raise your hand if you LOVE Disney and can't wait to visit with your kids. Raise both hands if the thought of planning a Disney vacation is extremely overwhelming. I mean, have you searched "Disney trip" on Pinterest lately? The tips and tricks and outfits and food suggestions and dos and don'ts. It's a lot for a mama who is already running on too much caffeine and not enough sleep. 

We've been talking about when we want to bring Everett to Disney (Walt Disney World in Florida, not Disneyland in California) and I think we're settling for his third birthday. (He's about a year and a half right now.) Bryan wanted to know why WHY why we were already talking about this, to which I showed him a thousand different Disney planning sites that recommend BOOKING your trip AT LEAST 180 days in advance. That's 6 MONTHS! And obviously in order to book you need to have at least decided on a time frame.

As we were discussing the possibility of this trip, these factors kept coming up.
  • Age of kid(s)
  • Weather
  • Crowds/Off Season
  • Affordability
So we all know that Disney magic is ageless and everyone visiting can be a kid again, but families with small children are well aware that sometimes kids are just too young to enjoy certain activities. Bryan's argument was that we go when Everett is older, around 5 or 6 years, so that he will remember the trip. My argument is that we go earlier so Everett can be part of the magic. 

My nephew was really into Buzz and Woody starting around age 2. If he had gone to Disney and met Buzz he would have BELIEVED to his core that he was truly meeting the Buzz Lightyear from the movie. At 6.5 he would be totally aware that it was just some person in a costume. I'm not sure exactly when the switch happened, but I want to make sure we bring Everett to Disney before he loses the magic.

Kids under 3 are free at Disney parks. This is a major selling point for a family on a budget. I love discounts, and I love free things even more. Kids age 3-9 are a slightly discounted price from those age 10 and up.

A downside to bringing younger kids (other than the fact that they wear out faster) is that rides have height requirements. It's great to get him in free, but if he can't ride any rides... kind of disappointing.
I have a feeling that a 3 year old will be more interested in the characters and shows than the rides anyway, but it's something to consider.

My husband cannot take the heat. But you live in Houston! Yes, I know, and he was born and raised here, too. It's ridiculous. If it's not between 50 and 60 degrees out he's miserable. Orlando is warm year round, but on average it drops to the 70s from November to March. This would be ideal for us.

Don't forget the rain, though. It does rain more during those cooler weather days.
Crowds/Off Season
We are not crowd people. We are people who say excuse me and wait patiently in line, and in large crowds it seems like other people don't follow the same etiquette. It makes my husband cranky and if it affects my kid I get defensive. (Seriously, he's a toddler. He may dart at any moment and if it's 100% necessary for you to walk past us going 100 miles an hour then maybe don't walk so close!) Plus, the idea of waiting in long lines with a 3 year old is not very appealing!

So what are the off seasons? Well, people are always traveling, especially to Disney, but the crowds are smaller in late August-February. (Undercover Tourist has lots of great info!!) Kids are back in school so families are less likely to travel. There are definitely busy times mixed in to there, though, so watch out. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all bring big crowds.

Everett's birthday is in late November, so we were thinking as early as late October. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but when I look back at these pictures I'm not sure I want a Halloween themed Disney trip.

It's also a strong possibility that we may have a second baby by the time we take this trip so less . (NOT a pregnancy announcement, lol.) We flew with Everett when he was four weeks old and it wasn't bad at all, so I'm not terribly worried. I would just wear the baby and nurse in the carrier. I've never had a problem with people trying to touch Everett when I'm wearing him, and it keeps his face tucked away. Less germs! 

This ties in with the off season thing. Everything I've read says the prices are better during off seasons. Makes sense! When companies expect a low turn out they lower prices to increase interest. We already want to go during an off season, so this isn't a burden for us. Resorts have been room prices, and it seems that Disney offers more promotions during this time.

Another affordability factor is the whole "under 3 is free" deal. Getting this trip scheduled before his third birthday would save huge a big chunk of money. It's worth considering.

On the other hand, we're faced with two other big expenses around this time: Everett's birthday, and Christmas. We'll probably just call this trip his birthday present, but I'll still have to decide if we're going to have a party. Last year we purchased his play-set for the backyard and called that his birthday present, but we still had a party. I imagine the Disney trip will cost around the same, maybe more if we fly. 

Less Stress, More Fun
To ease the stress of planning, I'm partnering with Mouse in Motion to help plan our trip. 
These Disney enthusiasts are helping us create a custom vacation itinerary. Stay tuned for more info and a giveaway on Monday!

A Year and a Half of Breastfeeding!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Everett and I are hitting the 18 month mark this week. Woowoo! Even better? I have not had a single negative comment made to me while nursing in public without a cover for the last year and a half. Awesome!!

My goal is still to make it to the two year mark, but currently I'm open to going as long as he wants. I have dreams of tandem nursing one day, and we aren't thinking about having a baby #2 until he's 2.5-3 years old.

Nursing a toddler is SO much different than nursing an infant. In some ways it's way easier, and in some ways it's so much harder. (Check out how I survived those first three months.)

Herbal Teas for Expecting Mamas

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I've always been a tea drinker so there was no “ahhhh no coffee” crisis when I was pregnant. If that's not the case for you, herbal tea is a great substitute for your morning coffee ritual. Herbal teas have awesome health benefits AND they are naturally caffeine free. Yay! Plus, you can buy a tea kettle that looks pretty in your kitchen.

Herbal tea use has not been studied by the FDA for use in pregnant women, so here's the obligatory pleasedon’tsueme disclaimer: consult your physician or midwife before consumption. Like many natural remedies, proof of efficacy is usually anecdotal.

For a healthy reproductive system...
Red raspberry leaf

I drink this every morning when I take my daily multivitamin/prenatal. Red raspberry leaf strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscles, and is beneficial even if you aren't pregnant. Many midwives say it leads to shorter, easier labors. (Think about it: a stronger uterus is a more efficient uterus!) It's naturally high in B vitamins, magnesium, iron, and potassium. It can also help with the nausea,  leg cramps, and restless sleep that so many pregnant women suffer through. Many women claim it helped with conception and even lessens pms symptoms. (Hallelujah!)

Red raspberry leaf tastes similar to black tea. I drink it hot or cold, and occasionally with stevia or honey.

Tot Food :: Fish, Pasta, and Frozen Berries

Saturday, April 30, 2016

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Grilled Cod, Quinoa Lentil Pasta, and Frozen Blueberries

Everett LOVES fish, which is great because it's healthy and easy to make. We buy big bags of it at Costco and each filet is individually packaged. I just pop the packaged filet into a bowl of cool water until it thaws, and then either bake or grill in a skillet. (Skillet is faster and as long as it's not a thick filet I start cooking before it's completely thawed.) Be sure to buy fish that says "wild caught" on the bag. Even better if it says "frozen in the wild" because it's super fresh. Farm raised fish is really yucky for your health.

I buy Ancient Harvest brand pasta. We are still mostly avoiding grains with Everett, and this brand has a lot of quinoa, corn, and bean based pastas. I'm able to find them at Whole Foods and HEB. This pasta is quinoa and lentil rotelle. The sauce I used was semi-homemade using canned roasted tomatoes. It was a little too acidic, so he didn't eat much of it. 
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